Sweets By LaDawn


Everything Baker, Cake Decorator and Designer


My love for baking started as a child, watching my Mom and Grandma. 


My mother first introduced me to baking when she allowed me to help her make Jiffy cornbread.  She taught me the essentials-learning to crack a perfect egg and measuring all the ingredients.


In 1999 I lived in Baton Rouge, LA.  A co- worker raived about an Italian Cream cake from a chain cafeteria style restaurant.  I told her my Italian Cream cakes are a million times better.  Between you and I, I had never even heard of an Italian cream cake before, nor did I have a recipe.  I scrambled, found a recipe that was super dupper delicious!  She admitted that my cake was indeed a million times better than the one made by the restaurant.  Word spread at work and weeks later, for the Thanksgiving holiday, Sweets by LaDawn was created with a request for almost 20 Italian cream cake orders. 

After that, requests came in for other cakes and I added cookies to stay busy.  I delivered to businesses all over Baton Rouge, sweets packed in my brown wicker basket. 


After Hurricane Katrina I moved back to my home town of Cincinnati...with the love of baking still in my heart.  


Sweets by LaDawn was reborn in a new town but with the same mission...To make sweets and baked goods that your grandmother made, that you would make if you had the time.