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Quotes I don't even know where to start. How about the perfect balance between the cake and the icing. The cake is moist, delicious, and still light at the same time. The fillings are exceptional. She really blew me out of the water. The not a cheese cake-cake is perfect in every way. I've had similar cakes elsewhere and they don't even come close. The ladies that work there are so nice and sweet. I love Sweets By LaDAwn. She has figured it out. Quotes

Quotes Our daughter, Jillian F. ordered a small wedding anniversary cake for a family party honoring us on our 50th anniversary. It was delicious and beautiful! Perfect in every way including shamrock decorations since we had an Irish themed wedding on the 16th of March, a day before St. Patrick's Day. I know that Jill asked for a favor to get the cake delivered on time and a very short notice. It was the perfect cake for the occasion! Thank you so much for your personal touch. We highly recommend you for exquisite work. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ackerman Quotes
Kathi Ackerman
Beautiful Cake!

Quotes Mrs. Ladawn, Mrs. Ladawn, You have OUT DONE yourself. The cupcakes and the Cake is SOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD !!!!!!! My husband is about to kill over he is eating so much of the cake and my kids have had icing mustaches all weekend. I want to express my THANKS to you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! Best Regards, A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER Dionne S. Quotes
Dionne S.

Quotes ?THANK YOU? for designing and creating the most beautiful wedding cake. The cake was stunning and far exceeded our expectations!! Not only was it beautiful, it was delicious! We literally had to fight with our guests to snag a piece (thank goodness you provided us with a set of cupcakes to enjoy at home). We received numerous compliments from our guests. I can honestly say that that there was no single piece left behind at the end of the night! That really speaks volumes for you. I am so glad that we chose you to be a part of our special day. We look forward to working with you in the future. Without question, I would recommend your services for any occasions that calls for sweets. Quotes
Cassandra & Douglas Bailey
Happy Couple, Extremely Satisfied Customers

Quotes I went to a Benefit in Norwood, Ohio and purchased a desert ticket and one of the options was a red velvet cupcake. I shared it with my husband and we both took one bite and looked at each other and went OMG this is so good. I wanted to tip my hat to LaDawn. Your cupcake was out of this world delicious. We went back to the dessert table just to ask for your contact info so f we have the need in the furture we know who to call. We bought 8 more right bedfore we left the benefit becuase they were so good and the money went to a good cause for my hometown. Thank You for your generosity and for making my mouth smile. Quotes

Quotes Mrs. LaDawn, Mrs. LaDawn, You did it again, those cupcakes were a BIG HIT. My son did not want to eat his. THANKS so much for ALWAYS taking care of us. Dionne S. Quotes
Dionne S.
Satisfied repeat customer

Quotes OMG! There was not a piece of cake left. We were writing down your number on blank pieces of paper because we ran out of your cards. EVERYONE commenented on your cake. It was a HIT!!! Quotes
Laurie Torrey
Happy Customer

Quotes LaDawn is the most creative baker that I have ever seen. She made my stepfather the most AWESOME cake for his 80th birthday.I told her that he liked to fish and did card tricks.She created a watery background with a fishing rod hooking the ace of spades with Art's name on it. Great job... The was so moist and delcious....Thank you.. Quotes
Carole Henderson

Quotes Thank you again...That cake those cupcakes are soooo delicious!! You have really out done yourself!! I was very pleased and satisfied!!! I ordered from Savatiis and Sweets by Ladawn yours was VERY good!! Servatiis was good. I was so nervous using other bakers besides the typical buskens and servatiis...but i was a very pleased...Satisfied coustomer. You deserve the praise. You really did a great job!!! Quotes
Latoya Sanders
Very happy customer!!

Quotes Ladawn it was a fantastically creative cake! It was yummy! I don?t usually like chocolate cake b/c it?s usually dry ? but yours was super moist! Quotes
B. Miller
Happy Happy
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