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Quotes Thank you so much for the strawberry cake you made for my father's birthday, not only was he pleased, you have a repeat customer.. See you thanksgiving. Quotes

Quotes I have three kids in three different ranges and I try to always do something extra-ordinary for their birthday. LaDawn work with me in a short time and my crazy demands and created a wonderful looking and tasting cake for my 3 year old that all three of my kids were excited about. Quotes
Anise Lumpkin
Over worked mom

Quotes I was called home on Saturday for a surprise and I was surprised. All of my Children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchild were waiting with this wonderful cake. It portrayed Me. It was chocolate, my favorite. It had elephants on it, I collect elephants for good luck. It had a lacy design on top which is the femine in me. It had strawberry cake, I love strawberries dipped in chocolate, yum. The cake looked good and more than anything it tasted good. That cake was full of love for me from all my children. Thank you for taking the time to put together so much love. Quotes
B Ranson
Suprised Grandmom

Quotes I have ordered many different cakes from Sweets By LaDawn. From the jelly rolls and Lemon cakes they are Great tasting but the decorated cakes are the best by far. Every cake I have gotten was over the top for sure, they taste as good as they look and are always the main attraction at all events. LaDawn always delivers a great tasting cake that wows the crowd! She will continue to get all my Sweet busniess!! Sherry Goodin a very happy customer Quotes
Sherry Goodin
Satisified Customer

Quotes Heavenly Sweets by LaDawn is more like it. I ordered the 7up pound cake w/ lite glaze, OMG.. Long story short, I ate cake for dinner, my husband had cake for breakfast, dinner and dessert. The cake was light to the taste, perfect flavor, just heaven in your mouth. Cant wait to try more. Quotes
Domonique KIng-Carter
wife/ business owner
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